9.5.2009 15:45:19

thesis experiment


I am a Hanken student in the program Advanced Financial Information Systems and I am doing my thesis on how different types of visualization affect your decision making, and I would like to ask you to please take part in my experiment.

The experiment is about the visualization and the title is: "An Experimental Investigation of Animated Graphs in Visualizing Information for Sales Forecasting Decisions"

It will consist of you visualizing some information, either in animated graphs or tables, and making a decision on sales forecasting (pricing and volumes of some products for next year) based on that information. The details will be explained in class.

Place: Hanken, computer room 406
Date: 14.5.09
Time: 10.30 am

If you are not able to attend on that day or time, just contact me so that we can set up a time that might suit you better.

I would really appreciate your help, as your collaboration will determine the success of my experiment!

Ana Hasbun
10.5.2009 12:48:37
I dont think this is a very effective channel to get participants to your experiment. I would recommend you ro personally invite the people, and bribe them with something (like movie tickets) if that doesn't work. Good luck..

-Hanken student
11.5.2009 17:40:48

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