Work Abroad in Australia

“The job I was offered, Australia as a land, and the city of Brisbane sounded as a good combination and I haven’t regretted my choice even once.”

Students who have at least 150 study points can go on a Work Abroad-program through Aiesec that can last from 2-18 months. After a selection process and after being selected the students will get access to a database where they can find internship placements in the areas of management, technical, education, and development in 100 countries.

Tuomo Urrila, a business student on his fifth year, is currently working with auditing responsibilities in Queensland Auditing Office in Australia. In between his tight schedule of work and holiday he had time to give us an interview on his experiences of the year in Brisbane.

Where did you hear about the Aiesec Work Abroad program and why did you decide to apply for an internship through Aiesec?
“I decided to do an internship at the time I was finishing my studies and at first I had planned to just search for a summer job abroad. I heard about the Aiesec program from a friend and ended up to work abroad for a bit longer period. I decided to apply to the program because it offered such an excellent opportunity for me to see what working-life is like outside Finland.

Did you have any wishes concerning a specific country and how did you end up working in Australia?
“When I applied for the program I didn’t have any specific requirements for the country I wanted to work in. I ended up working in Australia mainly because I was contacted from there. The job I was offered, Australia as a land, and the city of Brisbane sounded as a good combination and I haven’t regretted my choice even once."

What is your work like and are there some differences in the working cultures between Finland and Australia?
“I searched for a job in the field of accounting and I knew already before I signed the contract that my work would be auditing. The work has turned out to be just what I expected from it. I have really enjoyed my work and that is why I also decided to continue the contract with an extra six months on top of the twelve that I’ve already been working in the company. The working culture is different from the one in Finland, but on the other hand the differences are quite small. Most of the Australians are just like stereotypes suggest them to be and they take things quite easy. The relaxed atmosphere is also seen at the workplace. "

How have you spent your free-time and how much have you been in contact with the local Aiesecers?
“I’ve travelled a lot on my free-time and just enjoyed the heat. I also spend a lot of time with the other Aiesec exchange people who live in Brisbane. One of the best things with the Aiesec work abroad program is that once you arrive to a new country you sort of have already a social network ready for you. The Aiesecers in Australia have welcomed me and they have helped me with arranging an apartment and several other things that needed to be fixed in the beginning. My own expectations have been really surpassed."

To whom would you reccommend the Aiesec work abroad program?
“I think that the Aiesec internship program is best suited for students who are at the end of their studies. The work is not going to be to cook coffee or anything similar and pointless, but instead it will really demand something from you and give you a lot of new experience. Therefore it’s good to sort of know what you are doing. Otherwise I would recommend the work abroad for all students. Travelling is a mind-opening experience as they say, and my personal opinion is that you get far better into a new culture by working rather than just studying there. This is what I have enjoyed the most in my experience.

Text: Sanni Kujala
Translated by: Kaisa Haapaniemi

Work Abroad Application dead-line is 23th October 2007
You can apply by filling the application on the Aiesec website:

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