How to behave at parties

Sitzes are arranged by The Student Union of Hanken School of Economics at a regular basis. When you were in your first year (a.k.a. "gulis") or at your first sitz you were forgiven possible blunders, but when you no longer can be counted among those who don’t know better, you’re expected know how to act at a sitz. Below you’ll find a description on how every well-mannered hankeit is supposed to behave.


Time: it depends, usually around 19
Place: Casa, of course
Clothing: tidy, if nothing else is said (no sweatpants or jogging shoes)


When the party is said to begin at 19.00, it means that you should arrive between 19.00 and 19.30. The snootiest arrive at 19.15 so that it would appear that they haven’t been waiting outside the doors for the last hour. You come well-dressed and don’t reek of alcohol (yet). If you have an avec you naturally arrive with her/him.

Mixing with the crowd

When you’ve arrived at Casa a welcoming cocktail is being served, and when you’ve gotten hold of a glass the idea is to do some delicate mixing with the rest of the guests. This is also the time to catch a glance at the placing to avoid wandering about when the time comes to sit down to dinner. Naturally you won’t do that before the hostess announces that it’s time to sit down.

At the table

When you’ve found and arrived at your seat, you introduce yourself to your dinner partner and give hem your most charming smile. The whole crowd will then wait until the hostess has seated herself before sitting down, the gentlemen helping their dinner partner into their seat. When this complex matter has been taken care of the gents seat their selves as well. It probably would be worthwhile to point out that, as a gent, your dinner partner is the lady you have on your right side, and vice versa.
You should not start eating before ”Helan går” has been sung. "Helan" and all other songs are conducted bt the toastmaster who is introduced by the host/hostess when everybody has taken their seat. The toastis is the only one to start songs, given that he doesn’t expressly ask someone else to do so. This is done by chanting the person in question up onto the table. For example if Kalle is chanted up onto the table he must conduct a song (or at least something resembling that), and when he’s pulled this off with credit everyone else sings the following as a thank you:

Den saken gjorde han fan så bra,
en skål uti botten för Kalle vi ta.
Och alla så dricker vi nu Kalle till
Och alla så dricker vi nu Kalle till

This is continued until Kalle answers:

Och Kalle han säger inte nej därtill. (Or something else ingenious which rhymes)
After this the others answer with:
För det var i vår ungdomens fagraste vår, man drack
varandra till, och så sade man GUTÅR!

After every song, you drink to one another according to the following:

You lift your glass to the height of your face. The lady turns to her left, i.e. you first drink to your dinner partner. After this you drink to the person on your other side and finally to the one sitting opposite you. You look each other in the eyes and smile when you drink to them. After this you are allowed to actually drink.

During dinner one should try and keep up a well-mannered conversation (or alternatively meaningless bullshit), but when the toastis taps his or her glass it means it’s time for a song and everybody should fall quiet.
Often a snaps is included in the price of the sitz and usually a fair few more will be consumed during the night. But be warned: many songs will be sung during dinner, so you might consider not drinking a whole snaps for every song. 40 shots during two hours aren’t exactly too healthy…

That was it in a nutshell, not too difficult, was it? Just go with the flow, and watch your dinner party becoming increasingly blurry and

One final thing worth remembering: those of you (us) who smoke – cigarettes aren’t to be smoked inside Casa -please go outside.

Also: Remember to go to the toilet before the sitz starts - it's unpolite to stand up & leave your place during the sitz (with the exception on the persons serving at the sitz)!

When the music starts, the dinner is over, and the after party begins. You can loosen your tie a bit… and we guess you know the rest.